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Rockbridge County, Virginia

Real Estate Auction
Maple Hall Historic Inn c.1850 and 55± Acres



Minimum Bid Only $699,000

Maple Hall, c.1850 is a Virginia Historic Landmark that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. Located just 4 miles north of historic Lexington, Virginia, this Greek Revival home was restored to a historic inn in the mid 1980’s and operated continually until December of 2012. The Inn and two additional buildings boast 22 fully furnished guest rooms, each with private baths, along with complete dining and kitchen facilities. In addition, this historic complex is on 55± beautiful acres offered in two tracts.

Maple Hall Main House

Maple Hall is one of the most imposing ante-bellum residences in Rockbridge County, displaying a sophisticated rendering of the Greek Revival style. Maple Hall was built in 1855 for John Beard Gibson, one of the county’s more well–to-do residents, who owned several small farms in northern Rockbridge County and was the proprietor of milling and distilling operations at Timber Ridge and at Jordan’s Point near Lexington.

Maple Hall was lovingly restored and renovated in 1985 by the Meredith family to serve as a Country Inn. The Merediths have owned the property since that time. The home now boasts a dining room, commercial kitchen, office, inn keeper’s quarters and 13 guest rooms, each with private baths. The Inn is fully and tastefully furnished with period antiques, which will be sold with the real estate. Complementing the Inn complex is a swimming pool, tennis courts, pond and hiking trails. There are a total of 22 guest rooms in the entire complex.

The Guest House

The Guest House was built around 1820 and was a two over two, three-bay dwelling. It now has three guest rooms on two levels. The downstairs guest room has a living area and kitchen, and can serve as the owner’s quarters.

The Pond House

The Pond House was built in 1986 with careful attention to architectural compatibility with the original buildings. The Pond House is a three story structure with six guest rooms. Each room has a private bath. Three covered decks overlooking the pond and the surrounding countryside.


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own a beautiful historic Country Inn in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Maple Hall is only minutes from historic Lexington, home to Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University. With its strategic location along I-81, destinations, both north and south are easily and quickly accessible. The fully furnished Maple Hall Inn on 55± acres is ready to begin operation with a minimum bid of $699,000.

Aerial Photography

Tract Acreage
1 7.65±
2 47.20±

Boundaries are Approximate


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  • maplehallinn_A
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  • maplehallinn_BBB
  • maplehallinn_BBBB
  • maplehallinn_BBBBB
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05318
  • maplehallinn_DSC05320
  • maplehallinn_DSC05326
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05336
  • maplehallinn_DSC05338
  • maplehallinn_DSC05341
  • maplehallinn_DSC05343
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05346
  • maplehallinn_DSC05347
  • maplehallinn_DSC05349
  • maplehallinn_DSC05350
  • maplehallinn_DSC05352
  • maplehallinn_DSC05354
  • maplehallinn_DSC05355
  • maplehallinn_DSC05360
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05364
  • maplehallinn_DSC05365
  • maplehallinn_DSC05366
  • maplehallinn_DSC05367
  • maplehallinn_DSC05369
  • maplehallinn_DSC05373
  • maplehallinn_DSC05375
  • maplehallinn_DSC05377
  • maplehallinn_DSC05378
  • maplehallinn_DSC05382
  • maplehallinn_DSC05384
  • maplehallinn_DSC05386
  • maplehallinn_DSC05388
  • maplehallinn_DSC05390
  • maplehallinn_DSC05391
  • maplehallinn_DSC05393
  • maplehallinn_DSC05395
  • maplehallinn_DSC05396
  • maplehallinn_DSC05399
  • maplehallinn_DSC05401
  • maplehallinn_DSC05402
  • maplehallinn_DSC05404
  • maplehallinn_DSC05405
  • maplehallinn_DSC05406
  • maplehallinn_DSC05408
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05456
  • maplehallinn_DSC05458
  • maplehallinn_DSC05459
  • maplehallinn_DSC05461
  • maplehallinn_DSC05462
  • maplehallinn_DSC05463
  • maplehallinn_DSC05465
  • maplehallinn_DSC05466
  • maplehallinn_DSC05469
  • maplehallinn_DSC05470
  • maplehallinn_DSC05471
  • maplehallinn_DSC05473
  • maplehallinn_DSC05475
  • maplehallinn_DSC05477
  • maplehallinn_DSC05478
  • maplehallinn_DSC05480
  • maplehallinn_DSC05482
  • maplehallinn_DSC05485
  • maplehallinn_DSC05487
  • maplehallinn_DSC05488
  • maplehallinn_DSC05489
  • maplehallinn_DSC05492
  • maplehallinn_DSC05494
  • maplehallinn_DSC05495
  • maplehallinn_DSC05497
  • maplehallinn_DSC05498
  • maplehallinn_DSC05501
  • maplehallinn_DSC05502
  • maplehallinn_DSC05503
  • maplehallinn_DSC05510
  • maplehallinn_DSC05518
  • maplehallinn_DSC05519
  • maplehallinn_DSC05520
  • maplehallinn_DSC05522
  • maplehallinn_DSC05523
  • maplehallinn_DSC05524
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05536
  • maplehallinn_DSC05537
  • maplehallinn_DSC05538
  • maplehallinn_DSC05540
  • maplehallinn_DSC05541
  • maplehallinn_DSC05545
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546A
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546AA
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546AAA
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546AAAA
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546B
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546BBB
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546BBBBB
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546BBBBBB
  • maplehallinn_DSC05546BBBBBBB
  • maplehallinn_DSC05552F
  • maplehallinn_DSC05552FF
  • maplehallinn_DSC05564
  • maplehallinn_DSC05566
  • maplehallinn_DSC05569
  • maplehallinn_DSC05571
  • maplehallinn_DSC05572
  • maplehallinn_DSC05575
  • maplehallinn_DSC05577
  • maplehallinn_DSC05578
  • maplehallinn_DSC05580
  • maplehallinn_DSC05583
  • maplehallinn_DSC05584
  • maplehallinn_DSC05585
  • maplehallinn_DSC05586
  • maplehallinn_DSC05588
  • maplehallinn_DSC05590
  • maplehallinn_DSC05591
  • maplehallinn_DSC05592
  • maplehallinn_DSC05594
  • maplehallinn_DSC05595
  • maplehallinn_DSC05597
  • maplehallinn_DSC05598
  • maplehallinn_DSC05600
  • maplehallinn_DSC05600A
  • maplehallinn_DSC05600F
  • maplehallinn_DSC05600FF
  • maplehallinn_DSC05600FFF
  • maplehallinn_DSC05600FFFFF
  • maplehallinn_DSC05602
  • maplehallinn_DSC05603
  • maplehallinn_DSC05605
  • maplehallinn_DSC05607
  • maplehallinn_DSC05609
  • maplehallinn_DSC05610
  • maplehallinn_DSC05612
  • maplehallinn_DSC05615
  • maplehallinn_DSC05616
  • maplehallinn_DSC05622
  • maplehallinn_DSC05623
  • maplehallinn_DSC05624
  • maplehallinn_DSC05625
  • maplehallinn_DSC05626
  • maplehallinn_DSC05627
  • maplehallinn_DSC05629
  • maplehallinn_DSC05630
  • maplehallinn_DSC05632
  • maplehallinn_DSC05634
  • maplehallinn_DSC05635
  • maplehallinn_DSC05636
  • maplehallinn_DSC05639
  • maplehallinn_DSC05640
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05674
  • maplehallinn_DSC05676
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05678
  • maplehallinn_DSC05680
  • maplehallinn_DSC05681
  • maplehallinn_DSC05682
  • maplehallinn_DSC05683
  • maplehallinn_DSC05685
  • maplehallinn_DSC05688
  • maplehallinn_DSC05689
  • maplehallinn_DSC05690
  • maplehallinn_DSC05691
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05694
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  • maplehallinn_DSC05697
  • maplehallinn_DSC05698
  • maplehallinn_DSC05699
  • maplehallinn_DSC05700
  • maplehallinn_DSC05701
  • maplehallinn_DSC05702
  • maplehallinn_DSC05703
  • maplehallinn_DSC05705
  • maplehallinn_DSC05708
  • maplehallinn_DSC05710
  • maplehallinn_DSC05711
  • maplehallinn_DSC05712
  • maplehallinn_DSC05714
  • maplehallinn_DSC05715
  • maplehallinn_DSC05730
  • maplehallinn_E
  • maplehallinn_EEE



Maple Hall is located at the intersection of U.S. Route 11 and I-81 at exit 195, four miles north of Lexington, Virginia.


Historic Landmarks Designation
Floor Plans
GIS - Parcel 1
GIS - Parcel 2
Topographic Map
Zoning Map
Zoning - Permitted Uses
Documents Concerning Re-opening of Kitchen and Restaurant
Details Concerning Hooking to County Sewer System
Main House Septic System Diagram
Pool Maintenance Records
Sewage Disposal Permit - Guest House
Sewage Disposal Permit - Main House
Sewage Disposal Permit - Pond House
Estimate to Hook Guest House to County Sewer
Estimate to Hook Manor House to County Sewer
Estimate to Hook Pond House to County Sewer
Guest House Septic Inspection Report
Maple Hall Inn Septic Inspection Report
Pond House Septic Inspection Report
Original Restoration Plans
Virginia Historic Landmarks Nomination Document
Termite Inspection Report
2013 Real Estate Taxes
2012/2013 Operating Expenses
Title Commitment
Purchase Agreement
Broker Participation Form

Broker Participation

Any broker actively licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia whose agent properly registers the successful high bidder will be paid a two percent (2%) commission at settlement by the seller. Registration must be on a Woltz & Associates, Inc Broker Participation Application form and contain the name, address and signature of agent and prospect as well as Broker’s license number and Federal Tax ID number. The form must be received in the office of Woltz & Associates, Inc. by 12:00 noon on April 23. If prospect attends preview, agent must attend with prospect. Additionally, agent must attend sale and co-register with prospect on auction day. Only the first broker to register the high bidder will be paid a commission. Agents acting as principals, on behalf of licensed real estate agents, on behalf of family members, on behalf of entities in which they hold an ownership interest or who represent prospects who have had prior contact with seller or auction company are not eligible. Broker Participation Form

Terms and Conditions

REGISTRATION: Bids will be accepted only from registered bidders. Registration begins at 1:00 PM. Please bring a driver’s license for identification.
AUCTION SALE: All property is being sold subject to the seller’s confirmation. ALL SALES ARE FINAL: All property is auctioned “AS IS, WHERE IS” with all faults in its condition at the time of sale without recourse by way of refund, reduction of the purchase price, or otherwise. Bidders should perform such independent investigation with respect to the property as they deem necessary or appropriate.
FINANCING: Your bidding and purchase of the property is not conditional upon financing. Be sure you have arranged financing, if needed, and are capable of paying cash at closing.
LIABILITY: Bidders inspecting property enter at their own risk. Auction Company assumes no risk for bodily injury or damage to personal property.
BIDDING: The auctioneer will determine all bid increments. All decisions by the auctioneer regarding bid acceptance are final. Tracts 1 & 2 will be offered individually and in combination.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements on day of sale take precedence over all prior releases, verbal and written, concerning this auction sale.
BUYER’S PREMIUM: The Buyer’s Premium on the real estate is 5% of the high bid amount. The Buyer’s Premium will be added to the high bid to determine the final sale price.
AGENCY: The Auction Company and its representatives represent the Seller.
REAL ESTATE DEPOSIT: A deposit in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the contract sale price will be required on day of sale. The deposit is payable by cashier’s check or pre-approved personal check payable to Woltz & Associates, Inc. Escrow Account. Personal checks will be approved if the Buyer presents a bank letter stating that the Buyer is a customer of the bank and the checking account is in good standing.
REAL ESTATE DEED: The real estate will be conveyed by general warranty deed free and clear of liens, subject, however, to any rights of way, easements and restrictions of record. The balance of the purchase price is due at settlement on or before June 13, 2014.
BOUNDARY LINES: Boundaries on aerial photos and topo maps are approximate.
GENERAL: The information contained in this brochure is subject to verification by all parties relying on it. No liability for its accuracy, error, or omissions is assumed by the Seller or the Auction Company.
WEBSITE: Visit for additional photographs, floor plans and other information about the property.


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Phone Number: (540) 342-3560 or 800-551-3588


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